Home on the Range – the 1975 Coup in Australia


Every Australian should see this documentary before it is taken down. Find out what the agents of US capitalism really think of their ‘best friends’ and have no hesitation in doing to the democracy of their ‘best friends’ in the name of ‘freedom’ – for US capital. The blurb states:

‘About this episode:

Celebrated filmmaker Gil Scrine’s highly revealing 1982 documentary on the sacking of Gough Whitlam. The film examines the establishment of Pine Gap and the Governor General’s decision to sack Whitlam based on a variety of advice – not least from sources at the CIA.’




The coup is also discussed in an excellent five-part American series on their state within a state –  ‘Counter-intelligence’ – from thirty minutes into Part 1.




3 thoughts on “Home on the Range – the 1975 Coup in Australia

  1. too bad I couldn’t watch it — blocked because I’m in Mexico. Did you ever see the movie Falcon and the Snowman? It’s early Sean Penn and tells the true story about two college kids who end up selling drugs and ‘secrets’ to the USSR — including the Whitlam sacking. Great movie if you can find it.


    • Hi Austin, the film is based on the lives of Christopher Boyce and his friend from schooldays, Andrew Daulton Lee, who are both discussed in ‘Home on the Range’ – mainly Boyce. I haven’t seen the film but now hope to.


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