The Ebola Crisis – Exemplary of the Sickness of a Mean, Myopic, Racist Culture

The Sun-Herald 26.10.14

The Sun-Herald 26.10.14

From the editorial in the same issue:

‘(Prime Minister) Tony Abbott is unlikely to be a fan of the It’s Time jingle, which was dusted off and replayed many times as the nation farewelled Gough Whitlam this week, but he needs to start singing a similar song. In his case, it’s time to dump or significantly recalibrate his still overly generous paid parental leave scheme.

Action is needed, but the Prime Minister seems paralysed: unable or unwilling either to take the decisive step to kill the initiative he so unfortunately labelled his “signature policy” …

The proposal, which originally offered parents on incomes up to $150,000 full salary replacement for 26 weeks plus super, has always been a difficult fit with the government’s mantra of ending the entitlement mentality. …’

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3 thoughts on “The Ebola Crisis – Exemplary of the Sickness of a Mean, Myopic, Racist Culture

    • There’s a huge amount of double-think (and non-think) going on and its getting worse as Australian society is being pulled apart in the name of greed and class domination. The title of my post is very harsh but it is an expression of what I think and feel. Your posts on the slavery of South Sea Islanders (and the lies used to justify it) I think are consistent with my view – I didn’t know they were forced to murder Australian indigenous people. There was also an article in today’s press regarding the exploitation (slavery) of Asian women in the Australian sex industry. Best wishes Gemma, Phil


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