Reply to Shamseer Keloth’s ‘Facing the Dragon’

Liu Yang, China’s first female astronaut, waves during a departure ceremony at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre, 16.06.12

Liu Yang, China’s first female astronaut, waves during a departure ceremony at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre, 16.06.12

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Hello Shamseer Keloth,

Congratulations on your article,

China will rapidly come to have an impact on the world that no nation has had. Where the one-party state of the Soviet Union collapsed under the pressure of the arms-race with the US and its allies (‘the West’) there is no indication that this will happen with the Chinese Party and state.

In fact, the reforms instituted by Deng Xiaoping, continuing now, are evidence of the flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness of both to pressures and events within and outside China.

And that is both excellent and fascinating – the retention of the potential of a socialist one-party state (consider what is going on in outmoded Western-style capitalist democracies now, the global productive forces in play and their impact on the earth) at the same time, the rapid rise of many millions into the Chinese middle class (the middle class is historically associated with ‘democracy’).

I have no doubt that the tension between these two forces will result in forms of organisation (economic, political and social) either never before seen or, at least, never developed to their full potential.

They will be models for the world. Recent and ongoing events in Hong Kong are part of this process.

What is required are forms of socialism (forms which will inevitably reflect the national characteristics of the society from which they have arisen) in which individual initiative is also recognised, encouraged and rewarded.

The Chinese are succeeding on this crucial point where the Soviet Union failed. It is the way – ‘going forward’.

Phil Stanfield



5 thoughts on “Reply to Shamseer Keloth’s ‘Facing the Dragon’

  1. It is interesting that in China, within a communist regime, individual initiative, commercialism and industrial development can flourish. Looking forwards to your insights into this.


    • This is where the Chinese, so far, have got this extremely complex mix right and they have precisely the necessary forces (responsive one-party socialist state and rising middle-class) interacting (Lenin unsuccessfully tried this with his New Economic Policy or NEP). They are breaking new ground and, given the size of their population, it is all the more fascinating and important to watch what they do. They are already far ahead of the West.


  2. There is what we call a certain pause in time that CHINA’s one party system is encouraging. Then what….father time will bear witness to its deterioration ….just like all the government models that existed before. Man is always an animal ( but in its highest form ) but the thoughts of self fullfilment is always paramount. So in China one day…will rise amidst its tight enclosure a mighty “ONE” singing another tune. ♣♠♦♥


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