Said to me by John, a staff person at a hamburger joint


‘In our pursuit of abstractions – e.g. the stock market is an abstraction from production, fashion is an abstraction from the need to be clothed, real estate is an abstraction from our need for shelter – i.e. abstractions from any basic human need, we ourselves have become abstractions.’



3 thoughts on “Said to me by John, a staff person at a hamburger joint

    • Hi Gracie,
      great to hear from you!

      Actually, I’m becoming very jealous and perhaps even resentful of John – his comment is getting the best response on my blog!

      A second ‘actually’ to update the first: I’m very glad that people are responding so well to his comment – it gives me pride to have the thought on my blog.

      A third ‘actually’: I would love to see him again to tell him how jealous I am of him (although I wouldn’t admit to being resentful)! He made the comment years ago when I was at the hamburger joint where he worked part-time – he’s a teacher now.

      I used to go there to read my papers and have a coffee – people I knew would drop in and we would have a chat.

      A fourth ‘actually’ (and I won’t qualify this): my very best regards to you, as always,


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      • Dear Phil, your response actually made me laugh hard and long! Thank you for the cheer today, friend! I actually understand how you feel about his comment receiving the best response on your blog! Whenever James guest-posts on my blog, whether it be a photograph or sarcastic humor, he gets more responses as well! Oh, the joys of being an “actual” writer 🙂 Thank you, Phil. My best to you as well! ~ Gracie K.

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