Australia: a deeply sick convict culture

‘Waltzing Matilda’, Australia’s de facto national anthem, embodies:

– prostitution (‘Matilda’)

– theft

– flight from the assertion of domination and power (compare this song with ‘John Brown’s Body‘ and ‘Flower of Scotland’)

– suicide

– product placement (Billy tea)

‘Laid-back’ Australians, watch, listen and think as Slim Dusty presents your core values to the world.

And remember, your ‘best friends’ the Americans (‘best friends’ of others, too), whose spit (after that of the British) you lick, had their own War of Independence against the British.

What do you think is their view of you?

Where does that leave you?

How nasty (hiding behind a cowardly laugh of denial), little and dangerous do your servility and shame make you?

Where is your bigness of spirit? Is it to be found in your acquisitiveness and the rate of your consumption?

Tall poppy syndrome: it is not that I think I am better than you, looking down, it is that you are on your knees, looking up.



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