The earth is a noble star 

Full Moon, Full Earth

Full Moon, Full Earth

‘Therefore, the earth is a noble star which has a light and a heat and an influence that are distinct and different from [that of] all other stars, just as each star differs from each other star with respect to its light, its nature, and its influence. And each star communicates its light and influence to the others, though it does not aim to do so, since all stars gleam and are moved only in order to exist in the best way [they can]; as a consequence thereof a sharing arises (just as light shines of its own nature and not in order that I may see; yet, as a consequence, a sharing occurs when I use light for the purpose of seeing).’

Nicholas of Cusa, De Docta Ignorantia, 1440, Bk, II, 166, in Nicholas of Cusa On Learned Ignorance, A Translation and an Appraisal of De Docta Ignorantia, Jasper Hopkins, The Arthur J. Banning Press, Minneapolis, 1990, 94

The Sombrero Galaxy from Hubble

The Sombrero Galaxy from Hubble


NASA images: top/bottom

The works of Cusanus

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