Top Documentary Films: Counter-Intelligence

All five parts of this series which I highly recommend can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Top Documentary Films: Counter-Intelligence

  1. I watched the first half hour. Creepy. Not the ideal thing to watch at 5:00 am, in the cold darkness before dawn. Made me feel as though a CIA operative was hiding outside the window watching me, logging my view of the video, and so on…


    • Hi Robert,
      I appreciate that you watched some of it – and I hope you watch more. The films are empowering.

      It is necessary for decent people to know what is done in their name and to understand how they, too, are exploited in that process – up to and including paying with their life for someone else’s benefit or gain.

      Julian Assange/WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden have done and continue to do a great service for humanity and I think these documentaries are in the same vein.

      My views on capitalism are clear but I think the other threat comes from what I saw as I watched and heard Oppenheimer speak at the beginning of part four – a boundless lust not for knowledge but raw power.
      Best regards,



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