The world is a dynamic unity of opposites 1

Milky Way Galaxy Doomed: Collision with Andromeda Pending

Milky Way Galaxy Doomed: Collision with Andromeda Pending

‘Instead of speaking by the maxim of Excluded Middle (which is the maxim of abstract understanding) we should rather say: Everything is opposite. Neither in heaven nor in earth, neither in the world of mind nor of nature, is there anywhere such an abstract ‘either-or’ as the understanding maintains. Whatever exists is concrete, with difference and opposition in itself. …Contradiction is the very moving principle of the world…’

G.W.F.Hegel, Hegel’s Logic, Trans., William Wallace, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1975, 174

Galaxy NGC 7714 After Collision

Galaxy NGC 7714 After Collision

‘…if you consider [the matter] carefully: rest is oneness which enfolds motion, and motion is rest ordered serially. Hence, motion is the unfolding of rest. In like manner, the present, or the now, enfolds time. The past was the present, and the future will become the present. Therefore, nothing except an ordered present is found in time. Hence, the past and the future are the unfolding of the present. The present is the enfolding of all present times; and the present times are the unfolding, serially, of the present; and in the present times only the present is found. Therefore, the present is one enfolding of all times. Indeed, the present is oneness. In like manner, identity is the enfolding of difference; equality [the enfolding] of inequality; and simplicity [the enfolding] of divisions, or distinctions.

Therefore, there is one enfolding of all things. The enfolding of substance, the enfolding of quality or of quantity, and so on, are not distinct enfoldings. For there is only one Maximum, with which the Minimum coincides and in which enfolded difference is not opposed to enfolding identity.’

Nicholas of Cusa, De Docta Ignorantia (On Learned Ignorance), 1440, II, 3, 106-7, Trans., Jasper Hopkins, The Arthur J. Banning Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1990, 65-66

Exploring the Antennae

Exploring the Antennae


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