Camps: Germany in the 1930s and Australia now

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.29.29 pm

‘Immigration spends more than Defence on medals for its staff’, Adam Gartrell, The Sydney Morning Herald 16.01.16

‘Internal departmental awards are awarded across eight categories: Bravery, Conspicuous Conduct, Leadership, Excellence, Innovation, Work Health and Safety, Diversity, and Operations.’

Detention centre cartoon

The Sun-Herald 24.01.16

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Just as the first camps in Germany in the 1930s symbolised the broader reality in that country and reflected the direction in which Germany was going, so the camps do now in happy, egalitarian, laid-back Australia – or out of it, where Australia, having trawled its region as a racist bully (while taking pride in pandering to the interests of U.S. capital) and in contempt of its humanitarian and UN obligations has managed to impose camps and its responsibilities on economically dependent and impoverished neighbours in Asia and the

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