How to meditate in seconds


2 thoughts on “How to meditate in seconds

  1. Ecstatic; so simple. Took a course in meditation back in 96. It is one the highlights of my life. Sometimes I catch myself in a certain state of mind (which also implies a state of emotion) during the day, and then I turn my attention to the way I’m breathing. What I observe again and again is that there is a certain rhythmic pattern of breath that matches up with the quality of emotion. For instance, feeling annoyed is matched with shallow breathing from the chest. Whereas I find myself holding my breath when feeling nervous. When feeling happy or good, the breath is deep and full, engaging my diaphragm. Another perspective worthy of exploration is that we possess the ability to change our state of mind from one of energy depletion, to one that is empowering and far reaching, even to the point of being able to empathise for a complete stranger or embracing the ugliness of poverty and accepting those who are difficult to tolerate. In other words, this breath or soul of ours truly allows one to transcend or to know thyself through a subtle interaction with the other.

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    • Hi Jason,

      I agree, simple yet profound. Meditate while drinking coffee etc.? No problem! Meditate with one breath and with something still on the ‘mind’? Too easy!

      The other, totally related point I got from the video is how, from the outset, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche reduced the subject to its essence and kept every word he spoke at that level.

      You also make very good points. Best wishes.

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