What a relief


Yesterday afternoon I listened to James Valentine on (the national broadcaster) ABC radio invite his listeners to call in with their ‘small dreams,’ which they happily did.

He said we should dream small because small dreams are achievable – big dreams deserve only to be mocked – which he did with gusto.

During the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games the ABC had a late-night show every week-night (with record audiences) called ‘The Dream’ on which the mistakes or bad luck of that day’s competitors were mocked.

One of its comperes, John Doyle, said ‘If it rises above a blade of grass, cut it down.’

After listening to Valentine, I watched ‘Marguerite’.

What a relief from the Aussie sickness.

And the acting in the film is excellent.



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2 thoughts on “What a relief

    • Hi Jason,

      Valentine’s afternoon segment specialises in a ‘celebration’ of the ‘ordinary’ and the mundane.

      This is not a criticism of the mundane (‘earthly’ rather than ‘spiritual’) but an observation.

      But it was from this base that he launched his attack on ‘dreaming big.’

      The two (the ‘ordinary’ – which I consider disparaging and is a concept used all the time in Australia – Aussies pride themselves on ‘being ordinary’ – and ‘dreaming small,’ which they think of as ‘being practical’), in my view, fit together.

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