Vladimir Putin answers a reporter’s question


2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin answers a reporter’s question

    • Hi Don,

      it is an interesting video. With Trump, who is a master of the range of political emotions (he outplayed all the careerist players – they don’t seem to realise it), the true nature of capitalism is now in the open.

      He reflects its crisis and the ripple effects of his election were immediate in other capitalist nations.

      His election has put ‘dead and buried’ socialism back on the agenda.

      That he will be prepared to talk with the Russians is most important but, despite all the noise and propaganda from the agents of capitalism concerning Russia and Putin, they are not Trump’s (and capitalism’s) most important target – the Chinese are – and I suspect Trump and the class he will soon represent will want to draw the Russians away from the Chinese.

      I understand that Xi Jinping was the only leader of a powerful nation who did not send Trump his best wishes – he sees conflict with the US and the capitalist nations ahead.

      I increasingly think what others such as John Pilger have said, that the US (capitalist class) is preparing for war – in my view – against the Chinese.


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