Aussie kulcha, convict kulcha

Trump humiliates Turnbull (Spicer repeatedly called him ‘Trumbull’) in their first phone conversation. So what does Turnbull do?

He goes into parliament and, from behind parliamentary privilege, tears strips off Labor (note the American spelling of the name of Australia’s oldest political party) opposition leader Shorten. The Australian media, stung by Turnbull’s humiliation – their humiliation – make him out to be a big man. Wow! Can’t Mal dish it out!

Then Turnbull goes to the US and meets Trump (who keeps him waiting – the meeting was already to have been as short as ‘decently’ possible – mutter, mutter). Turnbull’s obsequiousness towards him is truly repulsive – his comments through a frozen mouthful of teeth facing the cameras, his body almost climbing out of his chair as he leans towards Trump (who clearly couldn’t have cared less), his hand thrust out desperately for the approving touch of great power (see second video). This time Turnbull degrades himself.

Now, with the scoreboard at 2-0 (one of those an own goal), he bides his time, waiting for a good excuse, then goes for Trump (full steam ahead lads!) behind his back, in ‘fun’ mode – true Ozzie style (‘Maate! Only jokin’!’). Remember, this is the leader of Australia publicly mocking the leader of another nation.

Listen to all the Aussies lapping up his performance in the second video (you’d swear it was canned laughter dubbed onto the Ozzie Oscars) – before they all fall back into line to lick the arse of the next American after ‘Harry’ Harris and ‘Send in the drones’ Obama only too willing to use their land and federal parliament from which to threaten China (the Ozzie media’s recently been awash with another round of dark, dire warnings about those scheming Chinese).

Yet again, what does this say of the attitude of the US capitalist class to Australians?

And much more importantly, what does it say of Australians?


4 thoughts on “Aussie kulcha, convict kulcha

  1. I thought Obama was a joke as a president… But then came Trump, and now I could care less if next one will be any other mammal, with cabbages to follow…

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    • Hi Moshe,

      John Pilger, the expatriate Australian journalist, wrote a very good article in which he discussed Trump, Clinton and Obama and exposed the lie of ‘good guy’ Obama – along with the role of the capitalist press and the US capitalist class’s obsession with waging war – ‘Silencing America as it prepares for war’.

      Of ‘the times’ (fundamentally, what is taking place at the level of production and the economic relations) – my view is that they summon forth the leader, not the other way around.

      Best wishes, Phil

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      • Hi Moshe,

        I hope you find it worthwhile. While the standard of Pilger’s journalism is way above that of any other ‘mainstream’ Australian journalist (I’m not sure that I would consider Assange a journalist – more a publicist) – it comes as no surprise to me that he lives overseas – he still baulks at a class analysis of his subject and writes of ‘us’ being the problem.

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