It won’t be long before pilots will be doing this


2 thoughts on “It won’t be long before pilots will be doing this

    • Hi Steven,
      The designers of particularly military aircraft (including military helicopters) are working towards their products having the manoeuvrability that this model demonstrates (greater manoeuvrability militarily = 1 aspect of superiority) – your expression ‘aerial ballet’ sums it up. But what is astonishing and beautiful movement in this video to you and I is more interesting to others for its potential in conflict.

      The American F35 (following on the earlier British Harrier) can take off, hover (it is amazing to watch its mass just hanging in the sky) and land vertically. The Russian Sukhoi, while not, in my view, as attractive in form as the American jets, is more beautiful than any of them in flight (more manoeuvrable) and can fly similarly to the model in this video (I particularly like its thrust vectoring). Best regards.

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