‘NATO’s mission’ leaves Ukraine destroyed — Desultory Heroics

“We are carrying out NATO’s mission.” As Ukraine’s defense minister acknowledges the proxy war, NATO proxy warriors disregard the toll. (Pierre Crom/Getty Images) By Aaron Maté Source: Aaron Maté Substack Unveiling its latest military assistance package to Ukraine – at $3.75 billion, the largest to date — the White House declared that US weapons are intended “to […]

‘NATO’s mission’ leaves Ukraine destroyed — Desultory Heroics

8 thoughts on “‘NATO’s mission’ leaves Ukraine destroyed — Desultory Heroics

    • Hi Jason, this is my second attempt at replying to you. WordPress appears to have deleted my first when I posted it. I hope their system – now designed for pedants, megalomaniacs and those who love cross-word puzzles doesn’t delete this as well!
      I was very sorry to read what a thief/thieves did to your equipment – such experiences are traumatic.
      Regarding the war in Ukraine – I think of what Trotsky wrote when he watched all the celebrating at the declaration of war in WWI – his sadness at the gullibility of the masses. While there is very little celebrating regarding the war in Ukraine (other than by the Americans who egg on the Ukrainians to destroy their distant country in the interest of American capitalism), that people (particularly the university-educated media prostitutes – kissers, fondlers and lickers of their words as they bestow them on us) pronounce ‘Kiev’ ‘Kivy’ is a marker of servility and gutlessness before capitalism as it fights its last great battle. PS, you commented that you had commented on my ‘As LIght Clouds…’ I couldn’t find that comment. Perhaps it, too, went the same way as my first comment here – deep into the outer reaches of cyber space. Best regards.

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      • Found it! Thanks for your kind words. I think the reason I couldn’t find it was because I posted it a few times and looked on the wrong one. My new piano is a Kawai upright. While I am very happy with it (it is my 2nd), a source of frustration is that I have to fully release any key before I can sound it again – the better ones only require to be 1/2 released – necessary when playing rapidly. Regards, Mr. Timberlake!

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      • Hi Jason, The matter of 1/2 release is one of the construction of the keys themselves – finding a balance between quality and cost. If I play with the problem in mind I can work around it. I also play on a Beale grand and frequently the notes don’t sound, first strike – unless a greater pressure is used than in general. Obviously when playing a piano, one has to know the relationship between degree of pressure when striking the keys and volume – unless one was happy playing the ‘Moonlight’ sonata like ragtime!

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