Hegel and Nicholas of Cusa

29.07.14 What Hegel read but never acknowledged and what all the academics missed. Why? No direct connection has ever been established between Nicholas of Cusa and Hegel. It has been accepted that Hegel did not know of him.1 In fact, there is clear evidence that Hegel knew of Cusanus, and in detail. Not only did Bruno […]

Cusanus, Buhle and Hegel

That Hegel knew of Cusanus and in detail via Johann Gottlieb Buhle’s Geschichte der neuern Philosophie is as certain as the denial by academics that he had this knowledge (see my earlier posts ‘Mysticism: the pornography of academic philosophers – Nicholas of Cusa and Hegel’ and ‘Hegel, mystic’ ). What obviously warrants questioning is why Hegel never even named Cusanus1 and why […]

Hegel, Mystic

Edited transcript of my presentation at the Department of Philosophy ‘mini-conference’, the University of Sydney 12.09.14 My thesis explores the relationship between Hegel’s philosophy and Neoplatonism. In it, I will argue that Hegel’s philosophy is not only mystical – Christian Neoplatonic – but Hermetic.1 A common understanding of ‘mysticism’ is that it is a belief […]