Hegel the consummate Neoplatonist – Preface

Processed in a convict culture that has everything but a bigness of spirit, that oozes shame like pus from a boil; a culture overseen by ruthless, thieving ideologues who know they must never lose control of the ideas but too gutless to go near mysticism while the career pathways of modernism and po-mo rode high (themselves suffused with mysticism) and vicious, vindictive authoritarians, protected by their mates and their system – a nation that as much toadies to the interests of first British and now U.S. capital – from the skirts of Mother Britannia to the coat-tails of Uncle Sam – as it is a racist bully in its region.

A people who have everything and yet, convinced of their ‘decency’, behave as though they have nothing.

Till the end of my life I will salute Jørn Utzon for his bigness of spirit, for his vision and his masterpiece that resulted from it, in his being driven from this culture and for refusing to ever be drawn back by the embarrassed provincial rabble (still attempting to demean what he created by proposing to raise petty cash from sleepovers in it – why not in St Mary’s or Parliament House – symbols of authority?) that his departure exposed.


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