Christmas cheer


I was looking forward to a cheese sandwich for tea but, no butter…

So I went to the local supermarket, bought this, took it home and set out the ingredients ready for assembly, wolfing-down and digestion.

Imagine my surprise when I took off the lid and foil of the butter container!

Hedges: The Execution of Julian Assange — Desultory Heroics

Original illustration by Mr. Fish, “Mind Games.” He committed empire’s greatest sin. He exposed it as a criminal enterprise. He documented its lies, callous disregard for human life, rampant corruption and innumerable war crimes. And empires always kill those who inflict deep and serious wounds. By Chris Hedges Source: ScheerPost Let us name Julian Assange’s […]

Hedges: The Execution of Julian Assange — Desultory Heroics

Holy Jesus! The US gets its ass handed to it while the bear and panda get down and interbreed!

Panda and Bear handing Joe his ass.