The End of American “Exceptionalism”? — Desultory Heroics

Failing banks, inflation, soaring interest rates and the flight from the petrodollar could become a disaster for ordinary Americans “Dollar” by Images_of_Money is licensed under CC BY 2.0. By Philip Giraldi Source: Watching a once great nation commit suicide is not pretty. President Joe Biden does not seem to understand that his role as elected leader of […]

The End of American “Exceptionalism”? — Desultory Heroics

Australia’s masters speak their ‘truth’

‘Neither the United States of America nor the world community of nations can tolerate deliberate deception and offensive threats on the part of any nation, large or small.’ (Bush [supposedly] quoting Kennedy)

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Showdown in Ukraine — Desultory Heroics

Hobbled US Turns to War to Preserve its Waning Primacy By Mike Whitney Source: The Unz Review The future of humanity will be decided on a battlefield in Ukraine. That’s no exaggeration. The conflict between the United States and Russia will determine whether global economic integration will expand within an evolving multi-polar system or if the […]

Showdown in Ukraine — Desultory Heroics

‘NATO’s mission’ leaves Ukraine destroyed — Desultory Heroics

“We are carrying out NATO’s mission.” As Ukraine’s defense minister acknowledges the proxy war, NATO proxy warriors disregard the toll. (Pierre Crom/Getty Images) By Aaron Maté Source: Aaron Maté Substack Unveiling its latest military assistance package to Ukraine – at $3.75 billion, the largest to date — the White House declared that US weapons are intended “to […]

‘NATO’s mission’ leaves Ukraine destroyed — Desultory Heroics

Why the CIA Attempted a ‘Maidan Uprising’ in Brazil — Desultory Heroics

By Pepe Escobar Source: The Unz Review A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran. On Sunday, alleged supporters of former right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro stormed Brazil’s Congress, Supreme […]

Why the CIA Attempted a ‘Maidan Uprising’ in Brazil — Desultory Heroics

The war between the past to be and the future to be has begun in Ukraine.

Australia: internally authoritarian, outwardly servile: the marks of a convict culture

Silencing the Lambs — How Propaganda Works — Desultory Heroics

Leni Riefenstahl said her epic films glorifying the Nazis depended on a “submissive void” in the German public. This is how propaganda is done. By John Pilger Source: Consortium News In the 1970s, I met one of Hitler’s leading propagandists, Leni Riefenstahl, whose epic films glorified the Nazis. We happened to be staying at the same […]

Silencing the Lambs — How Propaganda Works — Desultory Heroics

Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste — Desultory Heroics

Relentless Ukraine reporting helps conceal other conflicts By Philip Giraldi Source: Information Clearing House It is astonishing how many observers of war in Ukraine who should know better have been inclined to take at face value the assertions of “sources” that clearly originate among the various governments that are involved in the conflict. Those leaders […]

Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste — Desultory Heroics

How a Missile in Kabul Connects to a Speaker in Taipei — Desultory Heroics

By Pepe Escobar Source: The Unz Review This is the way the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) ends, over and over again: not with a bang, but a whimper. Two Hellfire R9-X missiles launched from a MQ9 Reaper drone on the balcony of a house in Kabul. The target was Ayman Al-Zawahiri with a $25 million […]

How a Missile in Kabul Connects to a Speaker in Taipei — Desultory Heroics

Joe Biden’s Secret War in Ukraine — Desultory Heroics

American soldiers are already “boots on the ground” By Philip Giraldi Source: The Unz Review The White House keeps insisting that it will not directly involve American soldiers in the war in Ukraine, but it keeps taking steps that will inevitably lead to a large-scale open combat role for the US against Russia. Among the […]

Joe Biden’s Secret War in Ukraine — Desultory Heroics