From a walk on one’s mystical head to walking on one’s material feet

A little drop of galaxy

‘The philosophical way of putting the facts is no mere whim, once in a way to walk on one’s head for a change, after having walked for a long while on one’s legs…it is because the method of physics does not satisfy the Notion, that we have to go further.’

G.W.F.Hegel, Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature, Part Two of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences (1830), Trans., A.V.Miller, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2004, 10

‘The mystification which the dialectic suffers in Hegel’s hands by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general forms of motion in a comprehensive and conscious manner. With him it is standing on its head. It must be inverted, in order to discover the rational kernel within the mystical shell.’

Karl Marx, Capital, vol. 1, Postface to the Second Edition 1873, Penguin, London, 1982, 103


3 thoughts on “From a walk on one’s mystical head to walking on one’s material feet

    • Hi Jason,
      thanks for asking. I’ll have to move soon and am in the process of getting rid of everything I can. As I do so, I’ve become conscious of the fact that a lot of sadness is inevitably associated with the accumulation (or weight) of personal history and the more I can lighten the load in general, allowing me to more clearly look to my future, the better. I will have to choose between buying a good piano or checking out Asia re- settling down.

      I am very pleased – particularly given the bitterness and anger of my first words in my thesis, which I do not regret, though they are most ‘unphilosophical’ and academically unattractive – to see that it has now been downloaded more than 300 times.

      How are you going? What are your plans? What is your experience of the pandemic – are you witnessing some of the fear, silliness and authoritarianism going on here in Oz?

      Best as always, Phil

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      • Glad to hear that you are keeping a good head on your shoulders. Hopefully more of us will downsize and live with more simplicity and clarity. 300 downloads you say, that’s not bad. Things are going as well as can be expected. There are both negative and positive aspects to this pandemic. Doing my best to keep on the sunny side of life. Take care Phil and stay in touch…

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