China accuses posturing US toady Australia of killing not only civilians but children in Afghanistan

Khan Mohammed

Australia’s Prime Minister Morrison demands an apology. Political leaders outraged.

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5 thoughts on “China accuses posturing US toady Australia of killing not only civilians but children in Afghanistan

    • Hi Jason,
      The language I use is obviously very strong but I did so to convey the disgust I feel at not only the servility of Australia to the US, but the utter hypocrisy, supremacism (latching onto the coat-tails of the dominant Western, white power having ditched Britain after it lost prominence after the ‘loss’ of Singapore in WWII) and blatant pride in doing so.
      Australians killed civilians and children in Afghanistan on behalf of their US masters as did soldiers from other English-speaking nations involved there, full stop. And what has come out is just the tip of the iceberg.
      The Chinese appropriately regard Australia as the lap-dog of the US and this nation looks for every opportunity to get a pat on the head from its master – e.g. its loud yapping re- the source of the latest corona virus, yapping which has rightly earned the ire of the Chinese – and trade restrictions from them. Yet the Australians yap on.
      I agree with every single criticism the Chinese have made of Australia over the last couple of years. It is the Chinese who have shown restraint.
      What do the Australians – and their US masters – have to say about the 1918 pandemic which killed far more people (50-100 million) than the current one? Perhaps they are silent because it most probably originated in a military base in Kentucky and was carried from there to the Western Front – and could rightly be called ‘the US disease.’
      Further, of the countless examples I could give of Australian toadying to the US, here is just one – a true hero – Julian Assange, who the US capitalist class is pursuing, contrary to every law and principle. The Australians, in the main, particularly their political leaders, remain fearful and silent. To ‘our best friend’ – you want him, master, you have him.

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