Sorry, Greta – the one absolute is change

The Cat’s Eye Nebula – many flashes, one big flash…


4 thoughts on “Sorry, Greta – the one absolute is change

    • Hi John, sorry for replying this late – I just stumbled across your comment while I was wading through the now impossibly, ridiculously complex WordPress site – as you say, nothing stands still. It used to be so straight-forward posting to my blog, but not now – one move in the wrong direction and you’re lost forever. All the best, Phil

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      • Hi John, they just continue making what was a very easy site to use more and more complex and difficult to use, as though the more difficult with the more add-ons the better a product it will be. I’ve got a couple of health issues but thanks very much for your wishes. I hope you’re well and appreciate reading your posts. I may have written before, the best job I’ve had was working with Down’s Syndrome people. All the best.


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